[ubuntu-x] Debugging X docs

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Mon Apr 7 19:57:16 BST 2008

The X/Debugging page was getting rather lengthy and I imagine was
probably putting off users needing to refer to it, so I've broken it out
into three different pages:

I.   X/Reporting - How to properly report bugs in X

II.  X/Triaging - Steps for processing newly reported bugs to make them
     ready for troubleshooting

III. X/Troubleshooting - Tips for analyzing and troubleshooting bugs 

The first page, X/Reporting, is of general consumption - for all the
users that report bugs without attaching files or other evidence of the
problem.  It's short and sweet, and color coded.  ;-)

The second page, X/Triaging, is more of a reference page for us bug
triagers (and new triagers) to document our processes.

The third page is an attempt to itemize the various classes of X bugs,
and how to approach troubleshooting them.  It's not intended to provide
solutions to problems, but more to be a "paint by numbers" way to help
someone modestly technical to start digging into a problem.  I'd greatly
appreciate assistance in fleshing out / correcting this page, so it
comes to be a more reliable troubleshooting guide.  (Currently, it's
still too shallow in many areas.)


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