[ubuntu-x] (Possible) Fix fo LP#141063

Peter Clifton pcjc2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 11 17:54:48 BST 2007

Attached is a .debdiff (against xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.1.1-0ubuntu6)
.dsc and .diff.gz for a possible fix to the above bug, where Xv playback
would lock the machine after a VT switch.

I can still manage to lock the GPU if I try hard (like mode-switching
using XrandR multiple times whilst playing Xv video), but that could
well be a different bug.

The package also includes is Bryce Harrington's patch to disable palette
setting, hopefully curing the grey blocks crash this driver is also
prone to. Unfortunately, I've found that this patch does leave the
text-console with a corrupted palette after using X11 though.
(Understandably, since it disables restoring the correct palette).

I put both in as we're both targeting an 0ubuntu7 version, and both are
really needed to test the absence of this crash.

I'm not an X11 guru, so there might be a better way of getting Xv to
re-init its registers after a hardware restore, but for now this appears
to work..

Best wishes,

Peter Clifton

Electrical Engineering Division,
Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge,
9, JJ Thomson Avenue,

Tel: +44 (0)7729 980173 - (No signal in the lab!)
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