[ubuntu-x] gcc-3.4 for mesa, l-r-m

Miguel Martinez el.quark at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 15:27:02 GMT 2007

Hi everybody,

Timo Aaltonen escribió:
 > The only truly controversial change is dropping the ATI provided libGL,
 > which means that there is no need for diversions anymore (yay!). The
 > Debian fglrx-driver package has done the same, and I got the idea from
 > them. I have one confirmation that it actually works, performance being
 > the same etc. The tester didn't get compiz running due to some error, but
 > apparently it was the same when he used the ATI installer.

Really? I always thought that libGL was the "piece" doing the real work 
behind fglrx.  I wonder if this means one can be simultaneously testing 
fglrx and radeon without the need of constantly (un)installing fglrx. This 
would certainly encourage people to test the various ATi drivers.



PS: Sorry, Timo, I just found I didn't reply to the list, but to you.

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