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Hanna Hermsen hannahermsen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 08:57:19 UTC 2014


Thank you both! I will definitely look into the Harvest project.

@Anna: Cool! I lived in Utrecht for the most of my life. It's a 
beautiful city, isn't it?


On 22-06-14 07:23, Anna Baas wrote:
> Hi Hanna!
> I am Anna, also from the Netherlands :) Welcome to the group!
> I live in Utrecht and work as a software engineer (but I studied 
> physics, not CS, which means if you want to be buried in maths I can 
> get you sorted ;-) ).
> I will also be helping out with the Harvest project Svetlana 
> mentioned, although I currently have a few 'real-life' things going on 
> which mean I don't have much private time :(
> Bye,
> Anna
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> Anna Baas
> Ik lees mijn mail op werkdagen tussen 12u-12u30 en 19u-20u.
> 2014-06-21 22:20 GMT+02:00 Hanna Hermsen <hannahermsen at gmail.com 
> <mailto:hannahermsen at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi all!
>     I am Hanna from the Netherlands.
>     My first experience with Linux was in uni, using Fedora. Later I
>     switched to Ubuntu and I am now using Xubuntu because my laptop
>     doesn't like Unity too much :) In total I've been using Linux for
>     about 2 years now. I am pretty comfortable with the command line.
>     For a long while I've been wanting to contribute to open source
>     projects. I study computer science so I do have coding experience
>     (mainly C/C++/Java), but my uni isn't the best one out there (for
>     example: hardly any math.. crazy isn't it?) so I'm not that
>     confident about my skills.
>     I love to learn however, and I'd like to use my knowledge to help
>     out, but because of the above and not really knowing where to
>     start I haven't so far. That's why I joined Ubuntu Women, next to
>     having a opportunity to communicate with other women in the field.
>     I would love to help out on the development side, but helping
>     others, translating and smashing bugs would also be fine. I did
>     look into the mentoring opportunity Ubuntu Women has. Maybe I will
>     take advantage of this. However, any advice on how to get started
>     is still welcome :)
>     Cheers!
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