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Svetlana Belkin barsookmud at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 18 21:59:22 UTC 2013

Sorry for not posting this on the list, Silvia.  Lame subject name.

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Subject: Re: [Ubuntu Women]Quiz Source Code
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:11:30 +0100
From: Silvia Bindelli <silvia.bindelli at ubuntu-it.org>
To: Svetlana Belkin <barsookmud at yahoo.com>

...and back!

So, I checked again with the team, and they confirmed they are fine in
us using that code, but they would like us to mention it was coming
from the ubuntu-it loco team. To me it makes sense.

I checked the code: it's basically simply the js script and html lines
that you can find on the page, as external library we only need to
include jQuery. Once the matrix is define I can adapt the html and the
script to the quiz we will build, this is no problem!

Did someone start building the matrix of possible choices / activities?


2013/10/30 Silvia Bindelli <silvia.bindelli at ubuntu-it.org>:
> Hi Svetlana,
> yes as I told you already that code is available for sharing :-)
> As I mentioned in an email time ago on the UW mailing list first thing
> to do is to build a table with questions / answers. Once the matrix is
> ready we can implement it. I think I also sent a link to the table
> used for the italian implementation.
> In the meanwhile I will provide the code itself, that's no problem at all.
> Only one thing: I am leaving on my honeymoon tomorrow morning so among
> baggage and all I am not sure I will make it to send you the code
> tonight. I will take care of it once back, mid of November. But in the
> meanwhile a matrix with question and answer can be prepared, so after
> this it will be just about replacing them in the code.
> Cheers!
> Silvia
> 2013/10/30 Svetlana Belkin <barsookmud at yahoo.com>:
>> Silvia,
>> Daniel Holbach, in an e-mail between me and pleia2, asked if the Ubuntu
>> Italian Team has the source code to the quiz that you have Ubuntu
>> Italian team site that helps new members to learn how to get involved
>> with Ubuntu with their skills and time on hand.
>> Quote from the e-mail with the questions:
>> 'Do you have a link to the source code
>> somewhere? Does the Italian text map well to the international teams we
>> have?"
>> Thank you,
>> Svetlana Belkin
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