[UbuntuWomen] Outreach issues, team

Jasna Benčić bencic24 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 12:46:25 UTC 2013

>Now, I'm starting to think this idea will not work for/with Ubuntu Women
>since we are always hitting the lack of mentors issues.  Having that
>said, is there other methods for outreach out into the Ubuntu community.
> And I think the word "outreach" is not the right one.

Yeah it is but first we have to bring out viable idea so others will see
interest to join in

As I added to the doc, maybe as a first project we could add Ubuntu
learning, this way we kill 2 flies at once... Ubuntu learning has to be
finished and young women who have never tried Ubuntu before could learn
from it... That way they would have clear goal and good learning
environment etc....

If you have better suggestion, feel free to add so
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