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Jasna Benčić bencic24 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 20:25:07 UTC 2012

Hi Ute

Welcome to the Ubuntu women :)  Could you describe us what is the state in
your school considering open source technology ?

Are teachers using it in their classrom? If yes, how did the acceptance and
adoption  of open source go? If not, what steps are you planning to take
(if that's in your plan)?

I recently graduated from college from which I hold Msc in the field of
Informatics in education and I'm very interested in area of acceptance and
adoption of open source technologies in education sector.

I'm working on an open source project for which I hope it will be a
starting point for teachers of Informatics in Croatia to create curriculum
based on open source technologies.

Must say that today problem is not in technology but in psychology of
people as noted prof Brian Fitzgerald - professor from Limerick, Ireland
who did a lot of researches in the field of acceptance and adoption of open
source. That's why I asked you many questions at the beginning :)


Jasna Benčić
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