[UbuntuWomen] " How will [] free software be improved by being developed by a bl ack transsexual woman ?"

Kÿra kxra at fsf.org
Wed Oct 17 07:14:52 UTC 2012

Yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day, and I wanted to bring up the types of
views that we are up against right now. The quote in the subject line is
one among many critical responses on Reddit to the Free Software
Foundations post for Ada Lovelace Day.

The original FSF post:

The Reddit discussion:

If you have the energy to keep up with this, I truly think it makes a
difference. As much as it pains me, I think that "don't feed the trolls"
only leads to complacency and these people need to be responded to. I'm
starting to have an impact, but I wanted to do two things:
 * Gain support in this particular discussion on reddit
 * Start a meta-discussion about the need to be outspoken

P.S. I wrote a post praising/building upon the FSF's post on FreeCulture.org


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