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Hi Rebecca and welcome

Where to start? ... I Where do you see yourself  in ICT area?... You said
programming for the desktop --- Then Ubuntu app developers or Ubuntu
developers might be your area :)

But, there is more...

I suggest that you * start following  official Canonical's employees and
employers,  and people from Ubuntu community via social networks because
they every now and then ask for volunteers to help out*..

If you ask me, in open source world  you always start as a volunteer or you
have a hobby, and one day you might not have a hobby (because someone will
hire you - considering your wish, that might be Canonical)

Following recommendations combined with my experience are (brace yourself
because this will be longer):

*Join to the part of the Ubuntu project where you find yourself most
comfortable - everybody starts somewhere ...*

 I started with Ubuntu weekly newsletter when I saw that Elizabeth
Krumbach, (one of the main ladies of Ubuntu women), asked for volunteers on
her Google+ profile... I hope now you get why I suggested that you start
following official people from Canonical and Ubuntu community via social
networks... You never know when you'll be given a shot to start.. You will
have to catch that shot and embrace it because nothing is given twice in
life only once......Do not hesitate to ask for help...

Some might think that Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is nothing big, but hey,
sometimes it is better to start with small steps so you could get to know
how some community or company functions.

UWN (Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter) experience brought me following:

   -  Improvement of my English (I'm from Croatia and English is not my
   native spoken tongue),
   - New people came into my life - correspondence and collaboration with
   people who are on the other side of a globe is a big deal, at least to me
   - Different point of view on an entire Ubuntu development and community,
   - Headfake learning ( believe it or not, by reading  articles every week
   about Ubuntu and its parts  and writing summaries I was and I'm still
   learning what is happening with Ubuntu and its community, and I'm always
   how do the say - "In touch with newest happenings and news considering
   Ubuntu" which is quite helpful),
   -  What I never expected but I understand Ubuntu's development
   better...And this is just a result of being involved with UWN for around 5

*Start reading blogs from the official Canonical/Ubuntu people *because
they write their experiences with Ubuntu and also, as I already mentioned,
they ask every now and then for a volunteer to work on some part of the
Ubuntu project (this way you recieve experience not even knowing it)....
That "work" could be a bug fix report, testing new version of  Ubuntu OS,
translations or localizatons of some application.... a lot of things

*Follow on social networks official parts of Ubuntu* - Ubuntu itself,
Ubuntu cloud, Ubuntu development, Ubuntu design, Ubuntu Unity, Ubuntu
women, Launchpad, Ubuntu app developers .....

*Must mention *- Ubuntu developers are lately very active with Ubuntu
development introduction for beginners   - so, I suggest, if you are
interested, follow Ubuntu on Air!  http://ubuntuonair.com/ (on google+ and
you can subscribe on youtube)... Daniel Holbach and the rest of the team
made a great effort and hats down to them...

 *Also follow open source magazines  via social networks* - OMG!Ubuntu!,
Phoronix, WebupD8, Ubuntu vibes, Muktware etc... -- they write every week
what is new happening in Ubuntu world - That's the easiest way to be in
touch what is going on along with following Ubuntu/Canonical people....

Maybe this is a lot now but, reading and following is a start, and as time
will go by you will adapt and you will figure out where do you see yourself
in Ubuntu project.

I mean I'm still not clear what do I want because I'm attracted to Ubuntu
development and design.. I guess time will show... Also I share the same
wish with you - work for Canonical one day... There is still a lot to be
learned before I get the chance to be accepted on the Canonical board.

I hope my experience helped you a bit....

Oh yes you asked what is UDS right?... You see, Ubuntu's development goes
like this -- every six months there is a new release of Ubuntu, they have a
precise cadence - word which I learned by reading Mark Shuttleworth's blog
(suggest you read it too because he explains a lot of things and puts his
vision where Ubuntu is heading to)

So due to this six months cycle Ubuntu developers are having meetings twice
a year... So UDS stands for Ubuntu developer summit where Ubuntu developers
and Ubuntu community gather around and talk what will be in the next
release of Ubuntu. You can see recorded UDS videos on youtube and watch it
remotely when it happens or be in live there if you are able to attend it..

 Next UDS will be in Copenhagen, Bella Centre  and it starts On October
29th... Ubuntu community/pages I recommended to you/Magazines I recommended
to you will announce where you can register to follow it remotely if you
can't be present there in live....But don't worry everything is recorded
and put on youtube after or during the event...

Here are some of the videos of UDS


If you have any further  questions, ask.... Sorry if I overwhelmed you with
informations but you need this or you will find it handy one day trust me
:D especially if you want to be involved in Ubuntu development and
 connected with Ubuntu community :)


Jasna Benčić
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