[UbuntuWomen] Gender specific pronouns in applications

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Mar 17 13:59:41 UTC 2012

Ireene-Sointu schreef op ma 12-03-2012 om 09:45 [+0000]:
> I would like this to be taken into account if/when anything relating to 
> gender pronouns is determined:
> per = she or he
> pers = her or his
> pershelf = herself or himself
> This would do away with a need to differentiate genders for those people 
> who do not want it; who want to emphasize our common humanity rather 
> than our differencies like I do. 

I agree that gender-neutral text might be desirable, but using the "per"
pronouns (or other synthetic ones like them) will only result in people
not understanding what you mean (they are only known by people who are
interested in gender topics).  If anything, "singular they" might look a
bit strange/ungrammatical, but has the advantage that more people will
understand what you mean...

Jan Claeys

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