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Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at princessleia.com
Mon May 16 05:37:48 UTC 2011

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[akgraner,nigelbabu] Review feedback emails above and start putting it into a framework/structure of our own: TODO
[hypatia] do outreach to UW members with template like dholbach's: TODO
[hypatia] outreach to other mentoring programs such as InfoSecMentors: TODO
[hypatia] reach out to the railsbridge / pystar communities about HOWTO's for running "women and friends" type events: TODO
[hypatia] look into building a curriculum (http://pystar.org/ and http://railsbridge.org/): TODO
[lyz] Start creating "Best Practices" document for LoCo teams to help attract a more diverse crowd: TODO
[lyz] Contact Jono in July when ready for election to handle condorcet voting: TODO
[lyz] Follow up with elky for patches on the wiki: TODO
[lyz] Work with IS to get theme installed as Default: TODO
[lyz] Officially change www to point to wiki: TODO

Ubuntu Women UDS-O Goals

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