[UbuntuWomen] Social media gurus: We need your advice!

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 27 19:12:15 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

Over the years several members of our project have taken initiative to
create social media outlets for our project.

Currently we have:

A Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_113904869998

An identi.ca group: http://identi.ca/group/ubuntuwomen

And after discussion today in #ubuntu-women-project we now have a
twitter account: http://twitter.com/UbuntuWomen

My question to the group: How best do we want to manage these resources?

For Twitter I see us starting out with announcements from the team,
but it perhaps evolving into including other news we want to pass
along and interesting news about Ubuntu projects our members are
involved with.

Is the Facebook Group sufficient for our Facebook presence, or should
we also have a Page which perhaps contains updates from Twitter?
Facebook is not my forte so I am really relying upon others for their
expertise here :)

Other thoughts about making these resources awesome?

I have also added this to our meeting agenda for the 14th:

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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