[UbuntuWomen] Helle there !

Noémie Lehuby noemie.lehuby at centrale-marseille.fr
Fri Jul 22 16:47:16 UTC 2011

Hi :)

I've just subscribed so it seems that I have to introduce myself.

My name is Noémie Lehuby and I'm a French engineering student.

I discovered ubuntu when, one day, a geek friend of mine saved my day 
and my computer with a Edgy Eft live CD ... But I begin to really use 
ubuntu only at the end of 2009, when this same old computer (my beloved 
laptop Pitou, which was renamed Pitoubuntu at this time) does not bear 
anymore its initial operating system ...
I was also a Pardus user (Pardus is a Turkish Linux distro) and I 
contributed during a few month to its very little French community, 
writing documentation. But I did not really manage to get work my dual 
boot Pardus-Ubuntu, and now, I use Ubuntu only.

Last year, I was president of a small association about computers, and I 
have organized some Install Parties and took part to events with my LUG. 
But it was not a real success ... Well, I have installed almost 30 
ubuntu dual boot to others students, but I guess they only use it to 
performs their python coding exercises !

I really enjoy everything that is open source (even the open source 
ecology project :p), but I am not a developer and I don't really have 
coding skills.
Oh, and I love Drupal (I spent my last birthday at a DrupalCamp, 
co-performing a presentation !). And I love the fact that ubuntu and 
canonical websites are powered by Drupal :)

I hope that I will learn sufficiently to really get involved in the 
ubuntu community, which is, to my mind, one of the greatest strength of 
this OS.
To begin, I'm volunteer for documentation and translation (as I'm 
already involved in the Drupal French Translation Team).


NonoLiNux ^^=!

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