[UbuntuWomen] re-introduction

Kay Nettle pkn at cs.utexas.edu
Thu Sep 30 16:13:10 UTC 2010

> This is great to hear!  I'm Belinda Lopez and I cover the Education 
> projects for Canonical.  I'm in the midst of putting together some 
> literature to help school and university decision makers learn more 
> about Ubuntu and its capabilities.
>  From the community stand point, testing is sorely needed as is any 
> documentation you want to contribute of how you accomplished your 
> solution.   The pxe boot solution is exactly how we designed our 
> 'training' version of Ubuntu to use to setup training classrooms for our 
> partners.  Ante Karamatic, ivoks on IRC, is the guy who figured this out 
> and it sounds similar to what you did with the modified initrd.  I'm 
> pretty sure this is not documented on the help.ubuntu.com wiki but maybe 
> you could start by documenting it?

Writing isn't my strongest point, but my office mate is really good 
at translating my babbling into english, so I'll see if I can get her 
to proof read for me.

(I just asked her and got a big grin and said she would proof read 
for me)

> For the Cloud training course, we created a few scenarios where cloud 
> solutions might work.  Setup gets easier with each release and some of 
> the common uses included gaming sites when new releases happen, our own 
> Ubuntu releases when we get hit pretty hard,  and on the research side, 
> pharmaceutical simulations but this could be any high computing scenario 
> such as major news stories and scaling for holiday shopping.  Dell is 
> offering a hosted Cloud solution to Universities for both high 
> performance computing but also as part of virtualised desktop solutions.

We have a cluster running condor which has over 1500 processors 
(according to our web page) and we (the other linux admin and I) 
thought that ubuntu's cloud software would do something we needed.  
My mind has gone blank about what that was, but I looked at it 
several months ago and it did what we wanted.

> let me know if I can help in any way.


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