[UbuntuWomen] (Maybe OT): How to Meet Locals?

Na'Tosha Bard natosha at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 10:33:52 UTC 2010


Please forgive me if this is actually a little off-topic. :-)

I moved here to Copenhagen a few months ago with my husband and I work for a
Danish company as a software engineer.  I am interested in finding any local
(preferably female-oriented) user groups in the area to participate in
regarding Linux or other technical-related events.

I already know about http://geekgirlmeetup.com/cph/, but unfortunately the
talks are all in Danish and, although I am learning Danish, I don't know
enough to communicate at that level yet.  I am hoping for some a little more
social with a casual setting (where I can feel comfortable conversing with
others in English).

For dinners, meetups, etc, I can travel to Sweden, Germany, etc, if they are
accessible by train routes (we are no longer motorized since moving here)

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