[UbuntuWomen] Intro

Dawn Edith Anderson zhanai at comcast.net
Fri Nov 26 05:45:25 UTC 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for a number of years and know a little of the
ins and outs of the OS, starting with an unsupported version and then
moving to Intrepid all the way to Maverick. I've finally dumped Windows
(which I wanted to do long long ago) and have generally found this
linux version to be friendly to me. Usually. I haven't been able to get
it to print on my printer, which is not supported directly through
cups--I tried a work-around but was unsuccessful, and now my start up
menu has thrown me a bizarre twist, which I have managed to circumvent:
I'm looking for a corrective to that one! An odd thing is that I had
heard about Linux first from a women's site, but most of the posters I
have been in contact with are men (sometimes it is impossible to tell).

I'm retired, spend far too much time on the computer but belong to
several chat groups. One of my objectives is to subvert the dominant
paradigm, in a non-violent way. My former employer was a state in the
US, where I still reside, Former city-dweller, now ex-urbanite. No cats
to walk across the keyboard.


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