[UbuntuWomen] Debian Women IRC Training Sessions begins

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Tue Nov 16 20:26:07 UTC 2010

Hey Lise, see below for answers:

On 10-11-16 03:12 PM, Lise Chevalier wrote:
> Hi Elisabeth,
> I am very new to your group & a novice at Ubuntu. When you plan this
> Debian session series of IRC???? is it on line? when you say 20.00 hrs
> UTC.What time is that...

Have a look here:


IRC is Internet Relay Chat, it's a kind of chat room.  That's where the
training sessions are held.

If you want to drop by the Ubuntu Women IRC channel, try this link,
you'll just need to pick a nickname to connect:


But for this specific meeting, you'll want to go to the Debian Women
chatroom, which is here:


You can also use a client in Ubuntu such as XChat to connect to IRC, but
I find that the web clients (what I linked to above) are easier for new
users to get around :)


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