[UbuntuWomen] Italy, women and FLOSS

Flavia Weisghizzi flavia at weisghizzi.it
Tue Nov 16 00:59:12 UTC 2010

Hi everyone!

I'd like to inform you of a new initiative born inside Italian 
community: during Ubuntu -Debian Italian community conference, we met 
some women who study and are involved in free software... so here the 
idea: a single list for all!
Debian-it,  Ubuntu-it , Fedora-it, we began with a simple list 
donne at softwarelibero.it and now there is a wiki page and a IRC channel!

I found all these things wonderful and I'd like to share them with you.

I wrote on my blog [1] some more about our story and aims... if someone 
likes, she/he will be welcome!


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