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Michelle Nguyen muimi07 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 02:10:35 UTC 2010


My name is Michelle and I'm new to this list. :) A little on my technical
background: I earned my BS Telecommunications back in 2002 and worked for
several years in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area as IT support for Windows
desktops and servers with some network experience as well. While working in
desktop I developed a habit of, um, rescuing, old hardware to make networks
to play with on the weekend which is how I eventually came across Ubuntu.

I've been using Ubuntu in some form since about 2005 (Breezy Badger) though
I've only made the switch to using it almost exclusively for my daily
computing needs for about a year now. My knowledge of Ubuntu and Linux in
general is pretty cursory, limited to basic user level stuff. I'd really
like to become knowledgeable about Ubuntu and more involved in the open
source community as well. I left my IT career in 2008 to be a SAHM but
currently work part time as a writer. I did a lot of documentation in my
previous career and would like to participate in an open source project to
help sharpen these skills.

It is nice meeting all of you and I hope to hop onto the IRC channel
sometime in the near future!

~ M
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