[UbuntuWomen] General C programmer / power use mentor

Chris chris at pemcjd.me.uk
Wed Mar 31 08:53:08 BST 2010


I'm a 20 year old male programmer and I'm just listening to Amber Graner
on the latest FLOSS Weekly.  I'd like to get involved with the Ubuntu
Women project, so here's my survey:

What areas are you able to mentor in?
 - Ubuntu Server Edition server admin tasks (anything from LAMP to
network gateway setup).
 - C programming (note: I am not familiar with any GUI libraries except
 - Ubuntu Desktop Edition power use (setting up cron jobs, installing
useful software, terminal-based shortcuts, etc.)
 - Various other languages to greater and lesser extents (you'll have to
ask me): Haskell, Python, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, XHTML, CSS, x86 ASM, 8085
ASM / Machine Code, various BASICs, one or two esoteric languages

How long have you been involved with Ubuntu? What are your achievements?
Since Ubuntu 6.06 I have been a power user and hobbyist systems
administrator; since 8.04 I have been more involved in the programming
side of things as well.  My only real achievement is successful
deployment of a domestic network gateway server (with LAMP, squid proxy,
Postfix/Dovecot IMAP + POP3, and a few other miscellaneous services).

What part of the world are you located in (it may be easier to mentor
someone in your region due to time zone issues)?
GMT (UTC+0000); specifically, Gloucestershire, England

What is your preferred form of communication for mentoring
Email would be best as I'm rarely on IRC; but if a mentee wanted
specifically to talk on IRC I'd have no problem with them emailing me to
ask to go on.

What are your thoughts on the importance and usefulness of the
Ubuntu-Women Project?
I think it is very important for the gender imbalance to be redressed.
It is important that women be encouraged to enter the open source
community, and supported.  I say this not to patronise, but that all
people should get this treatment and in my experience generally only men
do.  Women are often ridiculed, patronised, mocked and degraded by men
in the open source community, and I find such behaviour intolerable.
Anything I can do to aid in the replacement of such behaviour with
support, guidance and helpfulness is surely a step in the right

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope I can be of
assistance to somebody (despite my somewhat limited skillset).

Kind Regards,

Chris Browne

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