[UbuntuWomen] UW Project - Suggested Measurable Goals -M Release Cycle

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Tue Mar 16 04:28:22 UTC 2010

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 09:18:52PM -0400, || स्वक्ष ||  wrote:
> > Area 4 - Mentioning Program - revitalizing then re-introducing program to
> > both the UW Project and Ubuntu Community members.
> *cough* I assume you meant to write "mentoring" :) Here are some
> ideas: First, we collect a potential list of mentors and the areas
> (packaging, art, patches, etc...) that they would like to mentor.
> Collate this data on the wiki and announce this on the Fridge. At this
> point in time it would be wiser to ignore the gender of the mentor
> since our primary goal is to increase the contributions from women.
> I'd like to assume that a mentee would go on to assume a mentor role
> in future. That is organic in itself.

The mentoring page here http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Mentors has gotten
a bit of love lately - I'd love to see more folks put themselves up
there :)

I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to add a "location" or just a
"timezone" column, as time zones can obviously be an issue for folks -


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