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On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 03:32, Amber Graner <akgraner at gmail.com> wrote:
> AGENDA:  - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/March2010/Agenda

We do have a nice agenda and since I may not be active during the irc
meeting, I thought of raising my thoughts on a few points here on the

            [TOPIC] - MENTORING PROGRAM - Reviving the Mentoring program.

I'd love to see UW focus exclusively on women being encouraged and
getting one-one mentoring for any technical task of their choice
instead of being asked to go to any other channel/list that already
exist within Ubuntu. I have more thoughts on this and how we should go
about it, but these thoughts can wait until folks discuss it in the

Percentage targets for proportion of women Ubuntu Members to be
discussed further

I have mixed feeling about "Percentage targets" and frankly dislike
being reduced to a statistical number. While numbers are a good
indication of how well the project is doing, its hardly an indication
that every individual involved is happy (quite relative and abstract
on an individual level) within any project. Rather, I'd like to see UW
as a space that highlights contributions without the pressure of
having to get a symbol (ex. the @ubuntu email id or cloak) which
sometimes unwittingly creates a divide between the have's and
have-nots. Working towards a goal of increasing contributions is great
and should be encouraged, but the pressure to apply for ubuntu
membership because we (UW) need to show numbers is not project
imperative. </thinking out loud>.

         o [TOPIC] - UW PROJECT PR TEAM - Ubuntu Women PR team. Should
we have a team responsible for both official project responses to
publicized problems within the Ubuntu community relating to women in
open source and for publicizing team activities and information.

I dont wish to speculate so could someone explain what is meant by
"official project responses to publicized problems within the Ubuntu
community relating to women in open source"?  I am not sure if I
understood this point.


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