[UbuntuWomen] New team logo sample from Troy Sobotka

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Jun 28 17:28:49 UTC 2010

Elizabeth Krumbach writes:
> Hi everyone,
> One of our Maverick plans is to redesign our team logo to work with
> the new Ubuntu Brand[0]. We enlisted the talents of Troy Sobotka to
> come up with a simple, clean idea which we can use on the upcoming
> redesign of ubuntu-women.org and as our logo moving forward.
> The design promo samples are here:
> http://ubuntu-women.org/ubuntu-women-identity/women-01.jpg
> http://ubuntu-women.org/ubuntu-women-identity/women-02.jpg

Seems like everybody else loves it, but ...

I like the general look, very professional ... but I think it's a
shame that it mostly loses something I loved about the old logo --
the Ubuntu circle with the cross under it. That was such a clever
idea, but when it's shrunk down that tiny you really can't see what
it is any more.

The word "women" is tiny too. So really what the logo says to me
is: "Ubuntu.  ... oh, wait, if I look really closely it's actually
some subset of Ubuntu <squint> ... ah, I guess it's women ...
and what's that little red/orange splat?"

Feel free to ignore if I'm the only one who sees it like that.


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