[UbuntuWomen] Ubuntu Women June 2010 Election Poll Results

Amber Graner akgraner at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 22 14:46:43 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone,

The results are in from the Election Poll .  Everyone who voted should
be able to see the results from a link that was provided to them.

Congratulations to all 4 nominees. Lyz and Melissa are 2 of the 3
leaders, however there is a tie between Penelope and Leigh.  After
speaking with all 4 of the nominees there will be a run-off poll
issued today to remain open for one week, until June 28th, 2010.  On
June 28th at 2400 UTC I'll pull the results and announce the who will
fill the remaining 3rd slot.

Again Congratulations to all 4 team members for seeking the leadership
appointments.  Congrats to Lyz and Melissa for being elected to
2/3rd's of the leadership team.  Good Luck to both Pen and Leigh in
the run-off poll.

Thanks everyone and when you get the run off poll email please take
the time to vote.

Amber Graner//akgraner//

Just me Amber.

There are lots of Linux users who don't care how the kernel works, but
only want to use it. That is a tribute to how good Linux is.
Linus Torvalds

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