[UbuntuWomen] [X-post] The InfoLadies of Bangladesh

Kadambari Devarajan kadambari.devarajan at gmail.com
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Hi everyone,

I apologize for the cross-posting. I read this really interesting piece
about some women in rural Bangladesh on the DevChix list :
They bring information and "answers" to questions ranging from health care
to pesticides to family planning, to villages in Bangladesh on netbooks, and
travel to villages systematically on their bicycles. To the impoverished (in
more ways than one - think "information") villagers, they're superheroes and

I wish we had more such programs like these in India. I think I know what I
can do when am back there. Using FOSS for such a program in India would be
fantastic. Just thought it was worth sharing!


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Uplifting story of the day: In rural Bangladesh, where most are plagued by
poverty and natural disasters, information is a life-saver. These women who
bike to rural villages, bringing information in a netbook, are pretty much


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