[UbuntuWomen] Linuxfests in the US seeking speakers

Belinda Lopez belinda.lopez at canonical.com
Fri Jan 22 17:39:24 UTC 2010

The inaugural Texas LinuxFest will be happening April 10, 2010 in the
awesome Austin, TX.  CFP/Speakers is now open.  This is going to be a
great event in a great location.


Austin is the home of great live music and some of the finest Vege/Vegan
restaurants on the planet as well as finger-lickin' good BBQ for
carnivores.  Tons of other activities - even outdoor stuff like nature
walks/hiking and you simply can't miss the bat colony experience.


See you in Austin!


Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> Both Southeast LinuxFest (12-13 June @ Spartanburgh, SC)[1] and Ohio LinuxFest 
> (10-12 Sept @ Columbus, OH)[2] currently have open calls for presentations.
> For SELF: email your abstract and a bit about yourself to 
> jeremy.sands at southeastlinuxfest.org
> Their website says:
> "We welcome talks on all FLOSS related talks, but are particularly interested 
> in web based tools, system administration tools, desktop Linux, security, and 
> programming.
> We are also open to lengthened, in depth, hands on proposals. "
> Note that this means that they will have 5 tracks of 1-hour talks on Saturday 
> and 3 tracks of 2-hour hands-on talks Sunday, so if you want to teach 
> something but can't do it in only 1 hour, you're still in good shape!  Having 
> attended last year's, I'm pretty sure they've nothing against community 
> related talks either (like how to get involved or convince others to get 
> involved...hint hint, I'm sure almost everyone on these mailing lists has been 
> there).
> -----
> For OLF: fill out this form http://www.ohiolinux.org/cfp10.html
> Their website says:
> "This year's theme is "Saving the World with FOSS."
> We're looking for all sorts of talks about Free & Open Source Software. Done 
> something new and nifty? Developed new Open Source Software? Is your living 
> room a geek dream? Do you play with FOSS for a living?"
> ------
> If you would like to speak, submit something!  If you've never spoken before, 
> that's fine.  Ohio LinuxFest 2 years ago was my first time speaking. If you 
> don't think you know anything worth speaking on, I bet you're wrong :)  I said 
> the same thing when my friends told me to submit to OLF's CFP.  They responded 
> by listing off things they knew I knew but that I didn't realise I knew.  
> Remember:  you don't have to be an expert to give a talk!
> When asked why conferences don't have many women speakers, the number one 
> answer is "we didn't get proposals from women."  I'm sure plenty of you have a 
> LOT to say, so why not offer to say it?  Don't be shy!
> (and yes, I'm practicing what I preach--I've already submitted my proposal to 
> [1] http://southeastlinuxfest.org
> [2] http://ohiolinux.org

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