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On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 17:22, Laura Czajkowski <laura at lczajkowski.com> wrote:
> http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/IrcPurpose

0. Logging #ubuntu-women channel : This issue (of logging) has come up
previously and I'm not fastidious (read, ok) over logging
#ubuntu-women as I dont use the channel as a social medium. Mainly,
I'd envision it as a space where women who are inclined to get
involved technically, would be able to discuss technical issues,
including support. If so, the only drawback with logging arises when
older logs of a newbie's (so-called) silly question would come to
haunt then a few years ahead (Ex. It would be a shame to see a
potential employer  hold that against anyone. </end thinking out

1. #UW-offtopic : Currently, its Option 2 (Ban off topic chatting in
-women and create a separate(?) channel for discussing complaints).
Btw, the page does not mention if the second channel (for discussing
complaints, etc...) is open to all, or restricted to women only, only
CC members or something else. This needs to be discussed so it would
be easier to understand/decide if this point were clearer.

Re, "stalking", women can be cyber-stalked irrespective of the nature
of the medium. Most stalkers do it off-list so this problem is a hard
one to solve. Also IME, a closed list/channel has privacy issues which
work against the victim, making it easier for a stalker to get away
with harassment. I'd assume that some stalkers wont cross the line
when the medium is open and transparent --they do fear their real
identity being discovered, hence a loss of reputation. Having said
that, the biggest plus would be a community that 'reacts' positively
when negative incidents occur. That alone makes a _huge_ difference.

As regards, "being secretive and gossipy"... *sigh*, I disagree. Women
do need support in floss and if an unlogged channel makes the
transition to floss as a contributor easier, probably reduces the
silent loss of female contributors, then why not have a unlogged
channel !?!

I'd love to hear more thoughts....

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