[UbuntuWomen] Information from UW Project Team February 16, 2010 Team Meeting

Amber Graner akgraner at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 00:25:07 UTC 2010

Hi all -

The links for the Agenda [1] , Notes [2], and Logs [3] from the
February 16, 2010 meeting can be found at the end of this email.

Here are the highlights from the meeting -

The Poll Results from the Ubuntu Women IRC Vote was announced at the
meeting but went to the mailing list [4] a few weeks ago once the poll
results were in.  The result of that poll was:

Option 3 - Social, Advice Option 3 is having 2 channels one logged and
one not logged

    * One channel is Ubuntu, technical, and project discussions. The
other channel is for social discussions.
    * The technical/project channel IS logged.
    * The social channel is NOT logged.

The unlogged Channel will be ubuntu-women the logged Channel will be
#ubuntu-women-project (the channel has been registered but that is all
I have done as of this email).

The guidelines surrounding #ubuntu-women-project need to be added, and
we need to review the ones surrounding #ubuntu-women to make sure
guidelines fit each channel.

Also if there are no objections, all people listed as OPs in
#ubuntu-women will be added as OPs in the #ubuntu-women-project
channel as well.  If there is an objection please let me know.  I'll
do my best to get the new channel set up before next week. (I am
traveling to SCaLE 8x tomorrow and will return on Monday, February 22,
but will be working on this as time always)

There are still some items from the UDS blueprint [5] that need to be
completed -  While we haven't  completed all the goals for the Lucid
Cycle yet, we are almost there.  If you would like to help with any of
these topics please respond to the list, to the person who is
responsible for each item on the Blueprint, or you can email me and
and we can go ahead and get these items done.

 * [czaklowski] Document the agreed set of guidelines: INPROGRESS
 * [pleia2] Set the channel topic to the guidelines: INPROGRESS
 * [pleia2] Provide a set of factoids that reference the channel
guidelines: INPROGRESS
 * [jonobacon, akgraner, czajkowski] Communicate guidelines outwards: TODO

 * [akgraner, dholbach] Document governance policy for the channel: TODO
     *Channel guidelines are documented and available
     * Logs are for the logged channel (ubuntu-women-project) will be public.
 * [akgraner] Document channel guidelines: INPROGRESS

Also, I asked for volunteers to check to make sure that items posted
to the mailing list get posted to the Ubuntu Forums as well.  I will
do my absolute best to make sure the emails get cross-posted but in
the event I miss something, I asked team members to make sure it gets
added.  - Many Thanks to those who volunteered.

We were unable to get to the mentoring items (I'll send out another
email so discussion can begin on this topic before the next meeting),
but have moved it to Open Discussion for the next meeting which will
be on March 2, 2010 at 2100UTC.  The next meeting has been added to
the The Fridge Calendar as well and the new agenda [6] has been posted
so please feel free to add to the agenda.

Thanks Everyone!
:-) Amber

[1] - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20100216
[2] - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20100216/Notes
[3] - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20100216/Log
[4] - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-February/002463.html
[5] - https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-ubuntu-women-project
[6] - http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/March2010/Agenda

Amber Graner//akgraner//

Just me Amber.

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only want to use it. That is a tribute to how good Linux is.
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