[UbuntuWomen] Channel names/logging

Miia Ranta myrtti+ubuntu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 22:25:00 UTC 2010

in IRC, since times eternal, it has been an _exception_ to log a
channel publically. of course you can inform in topic or entrymsg that
the channel is publically logged - but let's be honest to ourselves -
they are more often ignored than read.

In the benefit of keeping the current channel social without further
loss of privacy of unwary visitors, my opinion is that -women should
be the social, unlogged, and the new channel, say, -womeen-project
publically logged.

Miia "Myrtti" Ranta
GCS/ED/FA/H/P/S/L/O d- s-:+ a29 C++ UL+ P+ L+++ E W+++ N+ o K+ w+(---)
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