[UbuntuWomen] Further Discussion on Process and Communication

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Mon Feb 8 18:41:57 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 19:50, Amber Graner <akgraner at gmail.com> wrote:
> The technical aspects of the Ubuntu Project isn't the only thing
> discussed at UDS.

Those that blogged and discussed this on IRC (including /self) are
pretty much clued in on what happens at UDS and within the respective
teams inside the Ubuntu community. However, that, was not being
discussed on IRC the other day and the UDS attendees have yet not
clarified the points raised on IRC nor on the list [0][1]. That is
unusual and while moving ahead is important we do need to refine the
process to include openness and transparency top-down, encourage open
discussions in archived spaces and set down parameters that have been
discussed with the team, putting to good use the archival tools that
Ubuntu provides us, viz. mailing lists, ubuntu-forums, wiki and now,
logged #ubuntu-women.

[0] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-January/002386.html
[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-February/002469.html

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