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Jussi Kekkonen tmt at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 5 20:38:54 UTC 2010

Thanks for collecting and clearing the information (:

On 05/02/2010, Amber Graner <akgraner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all -
> Since my appointment as the Ubuntu Women Project Leader on January 15,
> 2010 there have been and still are several questions, concerns,
> comments, and discussions that are ongoing in reference to the process
> by which this appointment was made.
> I wanted to address as many of these as possible and invite discussion.
> ***It is my understanding that everyone is in agreement that it should
> have been communicated better***. Not that I am saying you can't
> comment on that. But it is my hope that comments will be along the
> lines of here are the suggested areas and time lines.  This will make
> sure the process for the election after UDS-M will be in place and the
> procedures for the Project goals for each cycle are documented as
> well. From the discussion to date these are the places that all
> information should be listed so that in the event team members can not
> make the UW IRC meetings members will still be able to be part of the
> discussion.
> 1. Mailing List
> 2. Forum
> 3. IRC
> 4. Social Media Groups  - such as FB
> It is also my understand that the team should gather information from
> all meetings, look at our roadmap, and see what goals still need to
> met within the team, and in the community.   1 (one) month prior to
> UDS outline those objectives for the Blueprints for UDS, so that the
> team is aware of the items that will on the agenda at UDS.  That is
> not to say more objectives can't come out of UDS as immediately
> following UDS the information will go to the the above listed areas
> for communication.
> Also in our last IRC Meeting
> (http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20100121) it was determined
> that the "offical" Ubuntu Women Project Team list, would come from
> Launchpad.  This allows us to know who to send out voting information
> to for items such as the IRC Channel Poll and with elections currently
> on the schedule for after UDS-M, we still have time to refine who
> votes and if a different list is needed, should anyone object to the
> use of the Launchpad list.
> So let's look over how we got to  UDS.
> In 2009, in the Ubuntu Women IRC Team Meetings discussions about the
> team "existing" (it exists now what), the image of the team (among
> team members and within the community), and how does the team move
> forward to be a visible and influential part of the Ubuntu community.
> http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20090301  The meetings prior to
> uds in 2009 averaged only about 9 people. After UDS attendance
> tripled. - progress. :-)
> In efforts to address the above goals, those who attended UDS Karmic,
> had the opportunity to add an ad hoc session on Ubuntu Women to the
> schedule. The planners for UDS-L felt it would be beneficial to
> continue having UW sessions at UDS to help bring visibility of the
> Ubuntu Women Project within the ubuntu community.
> Whenever teams go to UDS they use blueprints for mapping out what they
> want to accomplish during a particular cycle and since Ubuntu Women
> was part of the scheduled sessions we needed a blueprint.  I asked Lyz
> if she wanted to create it or should I, and she said for me to go
> ahead.  I subscribed the Ubuntu Women Mailing list to the Blueprint so
> that any changes made would show up on the mailing list.  The 1st
> appearance of the Blueprint for UDS-L showed up on Nov. 4 2009.
> https://lists.uand
> buntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2009-November/002186.html
> The blueprint is titled "Next Steps for the Ubuntu Women Project"
> The summary of the UDS Blueprint is as follows:
> "In an effort to provide continued support, encouragement, and
> education, around women in open source, more specifically the ubuntu
> project and the community we would like to discuss how to have
> positive forward progress. Look at the goals and see how we as a
> community can best meet the challenges of getting more women involved
> in the Ubuntu Project and by extension the greater open source
> community in a way that is inclusive, progressive, positive, fun, and
> welcoming to all."
> The Blueprint appeared 3 times on the mailing list prior to UDS and 6
> times afterward.  There was no comment on these.
> Once we returned from UDS, my first email to the list was that there
> was lot of information from UDS that needed to be shared with the team
> and I was working on an email to disseminate the
> information.https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2009-November/002242.html
> . The follow-up email to the mailing list subject line: Ubuntu Women -
> Meeting Poll and Goals from UDS - included all links and topics from
> UDS, mentioned the process for the interim leader position and getting
> the governance process set up. In this email it outlines that the
> process for leadership is for the Lucid cycle only.
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2009-November/002242.htmle
> The comments on this thread were about the doodlepoll, not any of the
> content from UDS.
> The December 9th meeting can be found here:
> http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20091209.  This meeting is where
> the process of appointment was discussed and those at the meeting
> agreed to go forward with this process.
> I hope this addresses at least some of the concerns of those who did
> not have the opportunity to attend the meetings in Ubuntu Women IRC
> meetings in 2009, or see the blueprints prior to UDS it was never the
> intent to keep anyone in the dark on these matters and if came across
> as such it was a mistake, not malicious intent.
> Going forward, -  input is wanted, needed, expected from team members
> when things hit the mailing list (ie like blueprints).
> Thanks
> Amber
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