[UbuntuWomen] The poll software we used for the competitions

Melissa Draper melissa at meldraweb.com
Sat Aug 7 20:52:18 BST 2010


The voting sites for the competitions that were run by Ubuntu Women over
the past year have been powered by some php that I wrote for the
purpose. I put it together after unsuccessfully trying to find something
pre-made that was functional, and not overly complex for the kind of
poll we were running.

I suggested a few hours ago in the IRC channel that maybe we could use
this as a launchpad project to offer some mentoring in the ways of
launchpad, development and so forth for UW folk. The response was
positive, so hence that's what it's become :)

If anyone knows a bit of php, or even wants to fancy it up with some
style profiles, or anything really. I've done some refactoring (also
known as breaking it ;) in the past few days but not really tested it.
AlanBell has already found a few bugs. There's lots to be done!

So, if you feel you want to muck in on this, and get some project
experience, please feel welcome to join us.

https://launchpad.net/~pollka-devs is the development team, and
https://launchpad.net/pollka is the project page on LP.
#pollka on the same network as Ubuntu's channels, irc.freenode.net

Melissa Draper

w: http://meldraweb.com & http://geekosophical.net

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