[UbuntuWomen] New Member

etali etali at myth-games.com
Sun Apr 18 14:42:05 UTC 2010

On 18/04/2010 14:23, Mirage ha wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to this group, i found it while searching ubuntu site and i
> need to know more about ubuntu women project
> and how can i participate in this project.

Hi Mirage,

Welcome to the project!

As others have said, the Ubuntu Women web site has a lot of information
on how to get involved.

You'll find a lot of people online on IRC too, on the Freenode network. 
The two Ubuntu-Women channels are #ubuntu-women (for general stuff), and
#ubuntu-women-project (where project specific talk takes place).

The freenode network has lots of other channels related to Ubuntu and
open source in general, so if you're wanting to get involved with the
open source community, you'll find everything from bug triagers and
developers to translators, artists, etc, have a channel to call home.

Lesley Harrison

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