[UbuntuWomen] Microsoft Web Site For Women

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 7 16:29:36 UTC 2010

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 9:21 AM, Amy Hendrix <sabreuse at gmail.com> wrote:
> It really doesn't ping me the same way as Dell's thing did -- Dell was
> trying to sell technology by assuming that women won't like tech
> unless it's shiny and pink. MS has run MSN for years now as
> news/lifestyle portal site that's really got nothing much to do with
> their software branch; this looks to me like a new section of that,
> parallel to their sports news areas.

Agreed, seems like this is a pretty typical "Style" section of any
site/newspaper, if slated a bit toward women who like this sort of
thing (rather than guys who do). If they had called it
"women/all.women" rather than "beauty/all.beauty" I might have
something to say about it ;)

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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