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Wed Sep 30 16:17:39 UTC 2009

Hi girls!

I wanted to share with you this good news: Girls and Free Software: "Women
have something to say"

Call for submission of talks

On Saturday December 5, from 9 to 19hs. women who are dedicated to free
software we have an event aimed at sharing our work and know a little more.
For this, we call on women working in Free Software , either from technical,
philosophical, legal, educational or any other approach to participate in
this day of lectures and conversations.

The event is free, free and open to all audiences regardless of gender, but
will have the particularity of having only female panelists. This the way we
choose today to give visibility, encourage and promote women's participation
in the Free Software community, where the gender gap almost normal in the
field of new technologies is even more profound.

The event will feature two parallel chambers, one devoted to technical
aspects of all levels and another devoted to conceptual and philosophical
aspects and will be held at the Cultural Center of Cooperation, Corrientes
1543, 3rd floor. City of Buenos Aires. To participate, send us your comments
and proposed talks to Margarita Manterola margamanterola [at] gmail.com.

Thank broadcast!

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