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Veronica Henry vhenry07 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 20:19:28 UTC 2009


I just joined the Ubuntu-Women community and look forward to learning 
and growing with you all in Ubuntu. I'm a 20 year IT Pro, having done 
some early programming, pc support, network engineering and finally 
security & privacy policy. I finally made the switch to Ubuntu earlier 
this year and don't miss Windows a bit - though I do fear losing that 

Having launched a couple websites (and quitting my job) and having to 
learn to code and support them myself, I fell in love again with 
development and open source. I have solid skills in HTML & CSS, still 
learning PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and Javascript, with the help of some 
handy books, tutorials and trial & error. Favorite tools: Bluefish, 
Netbeans, tinkering with Geany & Aptana.

I hope that by contributing to this community, I can further develop my 
skills and meet like-minded technical women.

Veronica Henry
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