[UbuntuWomen] Ubuntu Women Sessions for Ubuntu Open Week

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 29 19:14:59 UTC 2009

I mentioned previously that Mackenzie and I were working on some
Ubuntu Women sessions for Ubuntu Open Week:

We'll be hosting two sessions, back to back:

Thu 5 Nov @ 20:00 UTC: Ubuntu Women: Women in Open Source - Issues
Thu 5 Nov @ 21:00 UTC: Ubuntu Women: Women in Open Source - Encouragement

So I'm pretty much doing a session describing the issues, then
Mackenzie is doing one on what we're doing and striving for to fix

My draft of the Issues portion is now online here:


Comments? Additions? Etc?

I still need to add a bit to it to expand upon the actual issues
themselves (to insert after the link to the geekfeminism wiki page
about Ubuntu). I am struggling with this since I really don't want to
come off as "useless complaining" since the idea of this session is to
try to convince those who don't really "get it" to pause and
understand why the issue of gender in FOSS exists and we feel it is
worth addressing.

So, I carefully will draw from personal experience and other docs out
there discussing what barriers women have encountered to involvement,
but I think it would be great to get some real stories or scenarios
within open source where you may have felt uncomfortable because of
your gender. Or fellas - do you have stories anywhere in life where
your gender made you feel awkward that I could use to draw parallels?
Feel free to email me off-list, the examples in my presentation will
be handled anonymously.

For reference, the logs from my discussion about the project from the
last UOW session on the subject are online here:



Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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