[UbuntuWomen] Mark Shuttleworth's comments

Flavia flavialar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:59:47 UTC 2009

Hi! Here is the video of the keynote if you didnt see it
(http://techcast.com/events/linuxcon/shuttleworth/), please pay
special attention to minutes 35:00 and the minute 35:56, when he make
a sexist comments:"... making sure that your printer, your mom's
printer, my grandma's printer just work out of the box..."we'll have
less trouble explaining to girls what we actually do."

I understand that some speakers tend to adapt their speech to the
audience but in this case to me is counterproductive because this
person represents a Linux distribution whose vision is "Linux for
everybody" and the fact of closing his speech to a certain group even
is a majority one is against of what he promote. I think if he is
sexist should not be evangelizing Ubuntu because it damages the good
intentions of the people that contribute to this operating system.


Flavia L.

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