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Hello. I think you will be pleased with your very own Ubuntu. I  contribute
in the best way I know by spreading the wonder of  Linux and Ubuntu in
particular. So far I have won over some family members and 6 of my friends.
You will find some way, everyone is valuable.

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Belinda Lopez
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> Ilavenil Thirumavalavan wrote:
> HI everyone!
> I'm new to using Linux on my home PC, though I've used it in my university.
> As for me, I'm 28. I have two postgraduate degrees in theoretical physics. I
> have a lot of hobbies including sketching, reading, and crafts. I am a
> freelance crossword composer, and I have published several of my crosswords
> on the website bestcrosswords.com. I really don't know how I can
> contribute to Ubuntu, but I guess the people here will give me some ideas.
>  Crosswords - wonderful!  I could definitely use some crosswords in some of
> the courses I'm working on for the Ubuntu learning project.  Crosswords are
> great ways to enforce/test someone's learning of a topic.  I use them all
> the time instead of boring true/false or multiple choice questions.  Word
> searches puzzles too.
> I'll email more details when I get a chance.
> thanks,
> Dinda
> Ilavenil
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