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koltzenburg at w4w.net koltzenburg at w4w.net
Thu Oct 1 13:42:33 BST 2009

Dear sisters,

my name is Claudia, I have been on this list for some months now and I am enjoying reading what comes along. Actually, joining this list was recommended by a local ubuntu group colleague Cara, thanks, Cara :-)

query: we would like to be able to use a freeware tool for layouting a scientific journal
(I just checked on sourceforge but did not get very far for lack of time and technical knowledge. So I though I'd better ask here. So far, we are looking for a solution other than from the LaTeX world - so far, I say ;-)

with this tool we should be able to:
- layout text and images in two columns
- use different kinds of fonts in the same page
- tracking (give letters in a line more or less space)
- variable row pitch 
- covert to pdf for high resolution printing

we do not need multilayer layout, one layer is fine.

do you know of any tool that provides this yet?
may you can even recommend one?

should be great, thanks :-)
koltzenburg at w4w.net
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