[UbuntuWomen] I made a launchpad team....

Alejandra Ruiz alejandra.ruiz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 20:32:23 UTC 2009

> Heh....funny bit is, only my mom uses Ubuntu.  My dad refuses to try Linux.
My mother too. Well my mother and also my granmother is learning now. My
father has enoght using his  car navigator, he doesn't refuse to try Linux,
he just don't want to use any computer at all.
It's funny to see my grandmother using her computer. She has her manual (I
made it for her) where she has all the steps to do things she wants. She
says I want to see the family pictures and there she has the entry: To see
family pictures: 1: look on the top of your screen and press where it says
places " press where it says "Images" ...

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