[UbuntuWomen] FOSDEM - Meet up

Jaime Hemmett jaime at hemmett.org
Sat Feb 7 07:53:06 UTC 2009

Great, I'll head to the ubuntu booth at 12.40!  See you there Jaz.
Im wearing a collabora shirt.


<quote who="joz">

>   Hi there,
>   a little late to answer, maybe you read this before tomorrow  12:40
>   I'm not using Ubuntu, but I have been here on the list as a silent reader
>   for a while now. I'm part of a group  "women and free software" here in
>   Brussels.
>   It could be interesting to meet. I'll try to be at the meeting and might
>   motivate others to come, too.
>   See you tomorrow?
>   agnez
>   Jaime Hemmett wrote:
> Hi I'm Jaime,
>  and I run Ubuntu,  I know Laura from Dublin.
> We're heading to FOSDEM tonight, (hopefully we can get there with the
> airport struggling with Ice here in Dublin).
> Anyway I was going to suggest we meet at the Ubuntu stand right when the
> first lot of talks finish tomorrow (hrmn maybe 12:40?).  Then we could
> go to an empty event room
> e.g.     H.1302 The Gnome room.  or if it's a nice day we could wander
> down the street to grab something to eat?
> I'm actually free until about 2 on Saturday.  How about you?
> Jaime.
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