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Helen McCall wildnfree at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 10:38:20 UTC 2009

Hello Rachel,

I'm new to this list as well, so maybe I should introduce myself.

I've been using Linux since 1995. I started by experimenting with the
first two distributions of Linux which were ygdrazil and Slackware. I
switched to Debian in 1996 because this gave my first really useable
Linux workstation. Bandwidth and speed was very poor on telephone
dial-ups in 1996, and so I joined John Winters and a few others in what
was called "The Linux Buying Consortium" (LBC) to import Linux CDs from
USA into Britain.

For a few years I provided help and support to Linux users on the LBC
discussion list. This was necessary for most users in those days because
installing Linux on any machine required a manual search for any
suitable drivers for all the bits of the hardware, followed by a long
and hair-raising process of many iterations of re-compiling the kernel
to include different versions of each driver till you arrived at
something that worked. This was followed by a complete manual
configuration of everything, by editing the config files in /etc using

For a short time many years ago, I tried becoming a Debian Developer.
But that was in the era of the "Debian Flame Wars", and I couldn't stand
all the stupid, aggressive flames and bad language, so dropped out
quickly. I have been using Ubuntu for the last 5 years.

I used to programme in C and Perl, though I'm a bit rusty in programming
at present. I am slowly learning Python, because this has become one of
the most used languages in Linux.

I am currently one of the developers on the OpenShot Non-Linear Video
Editor for Linux (https://launchpad.net/openshot and
http://www.openshotvideo.com/). I am developing the documentation and
Help Manual using Gnome Help. I am also heavily involved in testing each
version as it is committed to Launchpad.

I used to be a research scientist working on machine vision, developing
mathematical and statistical methods for automated recognition from
digital video images. Then I ran away to join the circus!

I am now a member of a circus troupe of aerial acrobats, and I teach
aerial acrobatics on trapeze, ropes and silks (corde lisse & tissus
lisse). We specialise in Contemporary Circus (Cirque Nouveaux), which is
a fusion of contemporary street theatre and improvised physical theatre
with acrobatics and other circus arts. Contemporary Circus tells a

I am also involved in producing videos of our circus troupe. There are
three strands to my filming projects here:

1) Training Videos for aerial acrobatics, 
   and for our Instructor Training Programme  

2) Promotional Videos

3) Performance Videos of our artistic productions

These films are all in full HD, and all the editing, compositing,
processing etc is done entirely on an Ubuntu workstation using
OpenSource software.

Software I use for this:

Non-Linear Video Editor
The Gimp
Image processing
titles, scrolling credits,
transition masks etc
3d animation
Audio editing
Musical composition
Musical composition, rendering
Script writing, and other

Best wishes, Helen McCall

 2009-08-14 at 05:34 +0100, Rachel Sands wrote:

> Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself.
> i've been using ubuntu since 8.04, so okay, not a really long time :)
> just wanted to get involved in the community a bit, so I did some
> Googling around and I saw ubuntu-women
> I know some HTML, CSS and PHP. Apart from that, I know how to operate
> a linux system :)
> I'm based in the UK at the moment
> Hope I can help the community
> --
> Rachel Sands
> <rachel.sands.(nospam).uk at googlemail.com>
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