[UbuntuWomen] Hi, I'm the new kid | Can technology be "more female"?

Brenda Wallace brenda at wallace.net.nz
Tue Apr 28 03:33:58 UTC 2009

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 11:38 PM, Caroline Ford
<caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I think there is a male bonding thing which involves hostility to the
> outsiders whether they be non geeks, end users or women. Casual sexism
> turned into abuse when I stood up for myself.
> We have a code of conduct but I'm not aware of anyone ever being
> 'done' for breaches of it with reference to minorities. Freedom of
> speech arguments always seem to win out. We must be on the side of the
> hated political correctness!
> I was encouraged by my parents and got my first computer aged 9.
> However I don't have a degree in comp sci and wouldn't dream of
> working in IT. I can compare the culture with the one I work in
> (public health care) and can see the barriers, the attacks on your
> confidence and the extra effort needed.

Your email stood out, and i'm intrigued by the differences you can
see. I've experienced so much discrimination, both positive and
negative (mostly negative) but don't have the experience of working
outside the tech industry to give me perspective.

I'd love if you can elaborate on your observations.

> Open source is a hobby. I do bits when I have time. I got involved in
> children's open source software as the atmosphere and community was
> better. My theory is thst people who make children's software
> generally have the people skills to have partners and children.
> Caroline

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