[UbuntuWomen] Hi, I'm the new kid | Can technology be "more female"?

julia friesel julia.friesel at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 25 14:21:25 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,
since I'm new to this list, I'd like to briefly introduce myself: I'm a
25-year-old grad sociology student, currently living in New York. I love the
idea of free software and the principle of openness in general and use
Ubuntu. However, I sometimes tend to get frustrated with "the technical side
of things" quickly, realizing how much of the basics I am still missing. So
I'm hoping to learn a little by being on here.

I am also currently working on a paper on women in free software, exploring
why it is that technology is such a male domain and why it can be so
difficult for women to enter it (or why most of them don't want to in the
first place), and what the implications of all this are for the digital
architectures we will continue to live in. So any thoughts on that subject
are highly appreciated :)

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