[UbuntuWomen] Introduction

Ireene-Sointu ireenesointu at phonecoop.coop
Mon Apr 13 09:35:37 BST 2009

Hi Diana,
Great to have another 60+ here. I just turned 60 in February. I have 
been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now. Although I have used 
different distros of Linux for quite a number of years now I consider 
myself still a novice. I have no computer/IT academic background like 
most people here seem to have. I am now learning to use Scribus while 
putting together a quarterly journal for an organisation I do voluntary 
work for. The January issue was my first and the printers messed it up a 
little not knowing anything about Scribus or Linux. I have got a new 
printer for this April issue. They at least know Linux they told me. 
We'll see how it turns out in a couple of weeks time. It is exiting to 
learn new things, even at our age. I am sure you get the hang of Ubuntu 
and find it quite easy. I installed it in my daughter's computer and per 
(=s/he) has been using it quite happily although per does not know much 
at all about computers. I get telephone calls every now and then when 
per gets stuck. In your case you probably call your son a few times. And 
the Ubuntu lists, like this one, are a good way to get advice. I have 
written to the Finnish Ubuntu list for advice and got a really good 
response there.

I wish you all the best in learning to use Ubuntu.

Diana Goodavage kirjoitti:
> Easter Sunday,
> April 12, 2009
> Hi, my name is Diana. I'm 61 years old in the U.S.of A. I'd never 
> heard of Ubuntu before a few months ago.
> My son bought my other (younger) son a laptop, running Linux, Firefox 
> and Ubunto --- all open source, I think (?) right? I'd heard of GNU 
> and open source before and always liked it, yet was afraid of it 
> because it's pretty hard.
> So, trying to learn while borrowing son's laptop LOL. I'm not really a 
> big computer person, but not really a big M$ Windoze person either, so 
> I'll have to learn some things in order to survive, I think.
> BTW, the son who bought the laptop for the younger son -- today, 
> Easter, April 12, 2009, is his 30th birthday.
> Thanks.

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