[UbuntuWomen] Our November IRC Meeting (was: Re: Hello :))

Rachel Saunders rachel at penhey.net
Sat Nov 8 10:22:57 UTC 2008

Elizabeth Bevilacqua wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 3:33 PM, Liz <liz at debian.co.nz> wrote:
>> The online meetings always appear to be at
>> the wrong timezone here as well
> I'm in the middle of pulling some things together to have an agenda
> for the next Ubuntu Women meeting.
> Can someone suggest a time period that would be good for you NZ folks?
> Our meetings do tend to cater to Europe and US simply because thus far
> many of our contributors have been in those areas, but it'd be great
> to see some new faces, even if it means I have to be awake at an
> unusual time :)
> Cheers,
Thanks a lot for the encouragement.  I look forward to reading and 
testing out my new info on ubuntu-women.  It really is great to be in a 
supportive environment and although the quantity of stuff to learn can 
be daunting at least I know the trek will be worth it... you all 
wouldn't hang around for so long if it wasn't! 
As for the meeting times, personally I am better in the evening NZ time 
(morning UK/Europe time) than the other way around, but would make an 
effort for such a great community.  The times that are really exclusive 
for me are 1pm UK time till about 4pm UK time.  I figure if I was 
willing to stay up for a good night out till 1am here in NZ - then that 
would be the least I would do for the channel. 
Hope this is helpful, thanks for considering us down under.

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