[UbuntuWomen] Training Team Mentoring Session Wednesdays @ 20:00 UTC

Belinda Lopez belinda.lopez at canonical.com
Thu Nov 6 18:22:19 UTC 2008

FYI - The Training Team is going to start holding weekly mentoring 
session in #ubuntu-training, each Wednesday starting 12 November at 
20:00 UTC.  Since the process we are using to update our materials is 
very similar to what the Doc Team uses, I'm inviting anyone who wants to 
participate to drop in.  And if you feel inspired to help us update some 
materials, then that would be great too! We are looking for folks 'adopt 
a chapter' of the Ubuntu Desktop Course, see this page:  
for a list of tasks we are looking for help with.  This week we are 
simply asking folks to read the current material and help fill out the 
lists of what needs updating for each chapter.  PDFs are available on 
the wiki page for downloading.

Next week's session will be led by Dougie Richardson, and Emmajane 
Hogbin will there to assist as well, as we walk through the process of 
creating patches (editing docbook format files in OpenOffice Write v.3) 
and then sending them up to Bzr for review.  Emmajane covered installing 
OO v.3, Bzr and then downloading a branch to your system to work on the 
source files in an impromptu session this past week.  She and Alan Pope 
then updated the wiki (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training/KnowledgeBase ) 
with this info.  Meeting logs of that session are also available on the 




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