[UbuntuWomen] Writers, get your bio into FullCircle#12

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 04:50:43 UTC 2008

Hello Folks,

The FullCircle Magazine has suggested that writers can include a short
bio of themselves at the end of their articles. Since UW has a monthly
column/series, each woman can submit a short bio (NO MORE than 30
words in length) at the end of each article. Photos or avatar's are
fine too.

I asked Ronnie to clarify further and according to him they make zero
(money) from the magazine so don't want people using this as a free
marketing opportunity for commercial gains. Sounds reasonable !  Which
means, its fine if the writer writes about herself and/or links a
personal website or personal blog URL but its not ok to push your
commercial private venture/company/business sites/blogs at
FullCircle's expense.

#11 is out as a preview (read Emma's article, thanks :)) which
means...... Writers deadline for #12 is 06April. So whose bio are we
going to read next month :) ?!


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