[UbuntuWomen] Unemployed wondering how to get a job in Linux

Karin Qadri kzqadri at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 05:35:18 UTC 2008

I am thinking  "ghost" my xp partition reinstall xp on one harddrive for the c: drive and install either fedora or ubuntu for a server on my second harddrive. My illegal copy of windows 2000 advanced server is corrupt and never worked worth a damn anyway. This is a pentium 4 computer with 2 hard drives. My other computer is a pentium 2 running windows 2000.

I have leads from some recruiters on job possibilities, after which I plan to get a mac laptop and a linux cerified laptop with dual boot capability with windows xp I LOATHE VISTA. I have a router from my DSL provider and one from my VOIP connection I can add to my potential network (which isn't one yet due to no server setup)

If I stay working I will take the CCNA (my curriculum expired it lasts 3 years) and get an MCP (only 1 test not 7). Do you guys know is it worth it to get an RHCE? My jobs are contracts that don't last long....



> Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 14:19:47 +1100
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> Subject: Re: [UbuntuWomen] Unemployed wondering how to get a job in Linux
> Karin Qadri wrote:
> > Hell o All,
> > 
> > I have a background in Windows Desktop support, network support an
> > obsolete (I think expired not sure) MCSE.
> > Trouble is I get asked about the vintage of my MCSE (Windows NT 4.0
> > obtained in 2000).
> > 
> > Do Any of you use Linux at work? How do I get my "foot in a door?"
> I use Linux exclusively for work, and often for entertainment too.  :)  Having
> said that I'm not a systems administrator, just a user.  If you want to get into
> Linux support and systems administration then I'd suggest a few things:
> * Join an appropriate system administration professional organisation (or
> more!).  For example SAGE (part of Usenix) and/or LOPSA in the US.  SAGE-AU in
> Australia.  etc.
> * Set up a heterogeneous environment at home.  That is grab a bunch of machines
> together, install Windows on one, and at least 2 varieties of Linux (RHEL/Fedora
>  and Debian/Debian-based perhaps) on two more.  The more machines and operating
> systems (Solaris?  Window XP and Vista?  Throw in a Mac too?) the merrier.  Make
> them all talk to each other.  Throw in a printer and make sure they all can
> print.  Make sure they can all use a single internet connection.  Make sure they
> can all send and receive email.  Learn how to apply patches to all of them.  Ask
> questions, search the web, read books and keep trying until it all works.
> * Once you've achieved the above you're in a solid position.  Apply to one of
> the junior level jobs advertised via that professional organisation.  :)
> Bingo your foot is in the door!  Did you want something easier?
> Keep up your Windows skills, because it's very rare that you'll end up in
> exclusively *nix environments for the rest of your life.  Most systems
> administrators will have to deal with heterogeneous environments as the norm.
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